Connect to Sonos with guest wifi

  • 4 March 2015
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The Sonos is currently connected to my secure wifi. I would like to have a friend play their iPhone music on the Sonos via the guest wifi. Is this possible? I'd rather not give out passwords to my secure wifi.

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4 replies

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Hi Steve,

If that's a guest wireless network created by the router as a "guest network" than no, you won't be able to connect to Sonos over it. One of the main points of such a guest network is to remain isolated from your home network, so communication between the two is prevented.
Ryan, thank you for your prompt reply. I guess the only alternative is to hardwire the iPhone into the speakers?
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That's correct, the CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP, and PLAY:5 all have a line-in connection you could use for that. With your controllers you could send that audio across your grouped rooms as well. 
Greetings. I know this is an old thread, but some topics stay relevant for a long time. Re: Sonos being accessible on both the private and guest wifi networks, does a Sonos bridge solve this problem at all? I.e. does the Sonos app connect directly to the Bridge, somehow, regardless of whether the device running the app is on “the right wifi” connection? Or does it suffer from the same isolation challenge as without the bridge?

I don’t understand networking very well (obviously), but the Sonos system we have hardwired to an Arris router provided by our ISP in one residence is visible to both guest and private Wi-Fi networks. Whereas a different Sonos system hardwired into an Apple Airport at our primary residence leaves Sonos isolated to the private wifi only. It’s probably naive of us, but we would like our guests to be able access Sonos from the guest networks in both locations. Talk us out of that if you think it’s a significant security hole, otherwise coaching to configure the Apple router in an equally friendly way would be greatly appreciated, thanks.