Compilation Tracks not searchable by Artist

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Hi Why can't I find a track by an artist that is in a compilation album using the search? Specific example I have the Paloma Faith track I 'Can't Rely on You' with the artist shown as a contributing artist in the ID3 tag on the Now 87 album. ( I am not using iTunes at all!) Indeed when playing the album the artist name appears on all the controllers (CR100, android and PC versions). But when I search the music library for the artist name it only shows a different album of the same artist but not the individual track in the compilation album.

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Please can someone find a way of getting this escalated. It is so frustrating, the artist is in the metadata, therefore it should be searchable!
I have spent literally weeks going through every compilation album I have adding the artist name into the track name

for example

Artist: U2
Song: With or without you
Album Artist: Various Artists

now becomes

Artist: U2
Song: U2 - With or without you
Album Artist: Various Artists

Then when I search by song or artist the song shows up, however I dont have countless artist tags cluttering up my music library.

Would be SO much easier for sonos just to update this. I've been amending ID3 tags for 2 weeks non stop. I'm about half way through.:@
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Same here.
Sonos does not support compilation albums :(

Every track that is on a compilation album will not be found by the Search functionality