Clear tracks from queue after playing them

  • 2 September 2014
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A SONOS user expressed his desire in a feature where the tracks are being cleared from the queue after they have been played.

Let us know if you would like to see this as well.

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34 replies

I would like that as well.
Me to
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If this can be easily turn on and off (like the fade or the random function), I say "Yes".
Yes please, a track that finished playing should disappear from queue, normal behaviour in almost all players. The way it is now the queue never empties.
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Only if it remains a configurable system wide option
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That would be GREAT. I agree though that it should be an option we can turn on and off.
Volumio has this. They call it "Consume Mode", it works great. I would love to see this on Sonos.
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Yeah, me too!
I'm in for this
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If its an album from my library then yes, this is useful.  if its a compilation of tracks my friends have compiled over the course of several hours then no, I dont want this - I normally like to save these as playlists.  It therefore has to to remain an option
We use Sonos in our office and have large playlist we want to add to the quque, it would be AMAZING to have the tracks delete from the queue after playing as it keeps it fresh. 

This is a must have.
It is baffling that his is not a option/default feature of the Play Now/Play Next (maybe "Play Once") ... definitely needed both at system level and a room/group option.
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I have just purchased a sonos system of play 1's I have not problems with the sound which is really good. However, if I play a whole album the tracks are still there which is boring. Therefore, yes I want to be able to add albums are track to the playing queue and then when they have played they are deleted.

No the million dollar question WHEN???

I should add that I have purchased the play 1's as a try out of the system. This could be a deal breaker for the installation in my second home
This could be a deal breaker for the installation in my second home
You do realise that the Replace Queue option effectively does what you want? It clears the queue prior to loading the next selection (album, track, etc).
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No I did not thank you I have only had my system 4 days so a very new bi. I will try this out I would still like it to automatically delete as it does in iTunes.

Thanks again.
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Only if this is something that can be turned off. I'll frequently combine playlists or build a queue over time, and like to play it multiple times without having to save it. I don't always want my queue to empty as I play through it.

Also, if implemented, make sure that this functionality is disabled if the "Repeat All" option is enabled too, otherwise you won't be repeating anything since the queue will have cleared itself! And no, Repeat All should not be THE way to keep the queue from clearing itself. I might only want to listen to the queue once and still retain its contents.
It's personal. This is not a feature that I would enjoy or use. I'm not a fan of the iTunes user interface. To me the iTunes interface is illogical and hard to use.
Yes . Very frustrating to have to go back to the queue and skip a track which played earlier.
DO IT! Just make it a settings option, like "Clear items from the queue as they finish playing"
When the replace option is available, I don't see the value in this; and if this isn't given as just an option, I see downsides I would hate to have to deal with.
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Great as an option
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If ever do I would want it to be an option in settings. I do not want songs deleting from the queue. A lot of times I add songs to the queue randomly through the night based on what people ask to play. At the end of the night I save the playlist to be able to bring back up and remember songs played.
DEFINITELY. Please add this as an option (as long as you can turn it off, of course!

I admit I hadn't thought of using "Replace Queue" as an option but I'd still like this added.
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DEFINITELY. Please add this as an option (as long as you can turn it off, of course!

I admit I hadn't thought of using "Replace Queue" as an option but I'd still like this added.

You don't really know if you want this option at all as you haven't tried the obvious solution. If you really want the option, so you can switch it off, how often would you actually use it and why?
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Another example of a request which would probably only serve to add 'more' options onto an interface that doesn't need any more.

You add stuff to the queue and then it plays. When its finished, you can already:-

Restart the existing queue at any point
Add new content and carry on from there
You can CLEAR the queue and start afresh
You can add new content and REPLACE the queue in one go.

Doesn't this give you enough options, including exactly what you're after?