Changing rooms with existing speakers

  • 5 November 2017
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I have 2 sonos 1 speakers (black and white) in my kitchen that are a stereo pair. I have a single sonos 1 (white) speaker in my sunroom. I want to put the two white ones in the kitchen. I can't figure out how to reconfigure them. After moving the black one to the sunroom and the white one to the kitchen they still are identified with where they previously were. How to I change them?

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4 replies

You can edit the room names under Settings > Room Settings > (room name) and tapping on the Room Name section to edit. However, you cannot stereo pair a Play:1 and a Sonos One. Despite their similar looks, they are quite different under the hood, and thus are too unalike to use as a pair. They can be grouped like all others.
Thank you for your reply but that is not my problem. All my speakers are Sonos 1. Currently I have one black and one white that are stereo paired in "kitchen". I have one white in my sunroom. I want to exchange the black one from the kitchen with the white one from the sunroom and then pair the two white ones. However after moving them and trying to reset they still are assigned to their original rooms
Alot of people confuse the PLAY:1 and Sonos One, so I can see where jgatie thought you might have been confused.

As to your problem, you will need to un-pair the speakers in your kitchen. I haven't really done this before, but should then end up with a 3rd zone, or one of your sonos one's is no longer on the network. From there, you'll want to pair the speakers the way you want it. As jgatie stated, then rename the zones accordingly.

This should help...
Thank you! I got it now.