Can the sonos controller on one computer wake up the sleeping computer with my music library?

  • 24 July 2017
  • 2 replies

I have my music library on one computer that I would like to continue to use for that purpose while using controllers on my laptop and android phone. Ideally, I would like that computer to go to sleep when not used but be woken up when I start my playlist.

Right now the music computer is using the wireless network. I have set "Wake on LAN" on the music computer's BIOS but have two problems. First, the machine doesn't seem to go to sleep on the timer when the music is paused - the screen shuts off but the disk keeps doing something. I can make it sleep from the power button. Is the Sonos continuing to do something to keep the network connection open or might it be something else?

When I do put the computer to sleep, I can't wake it through my Sonos controller. Any ideas if it is possible to make this work? Thanks.

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2 replies

Sonos doesn't support Wake On Lan. The best bet would be to get an NAS drive. They wake up on a read and don't depend on WOL.
Pity. I was hoping I could spend the money on another Play1. It seems to me it wouldn't be hard to send a magic packet when someone presses play, but I'm sure it is more complicated than I know. Thanks for the information.