Can't fast forward or jump to a certain time while playing Google Play Music Radio station

  • 24 January 2015
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When playing songs from Play Music, you can fast forward them no problem. Or jump to a certain time using the time line.

But when doing the same using Play Music's Radio stations, you can't do any of that. Just go Next, upvote, and downvote. 

Can you please add the missing functionality?

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5 replies

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Hello Artem,

Due to the issue the best would be to contact our customer care team by phone. A Sonos agent will be able to offer you live troubleshooting and check your system and network.

We look forward to solving these troubles.

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It looks like we misread your question here originally, my apologies. You’re correct about tracking while playing Google Play Music radio streams, individual playback of tracks goes through the queue and has different functions as a result.

Google Play Radio works the same way as other radio services, like Pandora. What you’re seeing is a result of the way Google Play Music was originally implemented, and we know it’s different from the Google Play Music app. We’re looking at ways to improve the Google Play Music experience in the future, though we don’t have any definitive news to share right now.
Any news while looking for ways? I really miss this functionality too
Guys, I REALLY miss this functionality as well. It downgrades my subscription service to feeling like another limiting "radio" without subscription:@.
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@Ryan S.

The concern about fast foward while playing a song in Google Music Radio is only limited within Sonos app. This constraint does exist in Google Play app.
Why so? Is it an issue on Sonos side?