Can't add folder to my music library

  • 3 June 2017
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My Sonos music library worked fine for years. But then a few months ago, I couldn't access it anymore. I tried removing and re-adding, but I have never been able to add the library since. I've seen lots of people with the same problems, but none of the fixes have worked for me.

* Error message: "Sonos was unable to add the music folder. Unable to add the shared folder "[//computer name/musicfolder]" to your Music Library (1002)."
* Diagnostic #7458012
* Running Mac Sierra 10.12.5 (problem may have started with upgrade to Sierra)
* Controller is up to date
* Music folder is on the same desktop computer hard drive as the controller — that is, it's not on an external drive or NAS
* Firewall is off

So far I have tried:
* Uninstalling and reinstalling the controller
* Making sure sharing settings are set correctly (SMB on)
* Renaming my computer (to shorten the name so it's fewer than 15 characters — I know this is a common issue, but it's made no difference in my case) and making sure it matches with NetBIOS)
* Lots of variations of shutting down computer, router, all Sonos devices, and restarting

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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4 replies

Hi Hidgerson, Welcome to the community!

The error showing in the diagnostic implies a firewall is blocking the connection, do you have any third party firewall software running? If so, if you temporarily disable it are you then able to add the library, if you still get the same error, then try the following steps :

1. Click on the Apple logo in the top right hand corner of your screen and select "System Preferences".
2. Click on the Security icon and check that the Firewall is turned off.
3. Go back to System Preferences and select "Network".
4. Click on "Advanced".
5. Click on "WINS".
6. Change the NETBIOS name to perhaps AREMS-MAC
7. Click "Ok".
8. Click "Apply".
9. Now go back to System Preferences and click on "Sharing".
10. Change the COMPUTER name to the same as the NETBIOS name e.g. AREMS-MAC
11. Click on "Edit" and make sure it is the same there.
12. If "File Sharing" is ticked, untick it.
13. Come out of System Preferences and restart your computer.
14. Once your computer has restarted, open Sonos.
15. Now click on the plus sign and add your music library using the first option for an iTunes Music Library on your hard drive, assuming your music library is located in the usual location.
16. Enter any password and complete the process of adding your music library.

If this makes no difference, do you have any third party firewall software and what is it?

Many thanks
Hi .. I'm having the exact same problems. Running OS 10.12.6 No Firewall. Software up to date I followed all the advice above.

Problem stated when I got my new MacBook Pro and migrated my music files over using the Mac migration utility. I did have some permission issues that i fixed { honestly don't remember all those details } Interesting note. When i add a folder to Sonos I browse the file system via the Add Folder or Drive ( /Users/shawn/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music ) When i get the error message the path is different .. unable to add the shared folder //shawnmacbook/itunes music' to your Music Library (1002). Should the error reference the exact path? If i add music by selecting the My Music Folder option it comes back with an error Unable to add shared folder //shawnmacbook/Music2 I don't have a Music2 folder. thoughts on other items to check?
Same Problem here Ive done all the things suggested many time over I've even remove my antivirus still the same I was given the same advice 4 months back but gave up after numerous attempts to get it working again, I just hard wired my Mac to the audio in on the SONOs amp and use the iTunes Library . Im fed-up with feeling like an idiot asking for support and being fobbed off with the same advice, I can see that it obviously works for some people but it isn't working for me. I'm also fed-up with seeing "Unable to add the shared folder "//DAVE/Music" to your Music Library (1002)" followed by the patronising SONOs pop-up each morning that tells me "SONOs has successfully updated your Music Library" >>argh *^=**!!!!

I sent my newest confirmation number its: 7935141(for what its worth) It shouldn't be this difficult (I've been a Mac user for over 10 years and have never - ever had software issues like i have with SONOs... SONOs is truly amazing when it works its a shame it doesn't work as often as you'd expect it to...........Please can someone point me in a helpful direction
Hi there, Good4sumthin. Thanks for reaching out and for sending in the diagnostic report. If you are still having problems with your local library, I would suggest giving our technicians on the phone a call. There, they can set up a remote session and work with you to get your local music library working with Sonos.

Our contact information can be found here.