Can Spotify recognize the Sonos speaker group?

  • 27 November 2023
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Hello guys, I am new to the Sonos system

If I use the Spotify App (On Desktop), will it recognize the Speaker group I set up from Sonos and play music to that group?

At my work site, they want to have a main operator and a backup person (so that when the main operator is busy, this person can play music instead). Can I use one Spotify account to sign in on both Desktops? 


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2 replies

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Hi @Mark1115,

I use Spotify as well and if you want to use a group from the Spotify desktop app, you’ll need to have the group in the Sonos app beforehand.

You can have one Spotify account connected to multiple Sonos households, however Spotify will have a stream limit and if you try to play from the same account on two different speakers, one stream will take over and the other will stop. If you’re just using both Desktops as controllers, that wont cause any issues however.

I hope this information helps!

For what it’s worth, these restrictions are imposed by Spotify, and not Sonos.