Can I use my play 1 to play the audio from a movie while wathing on my iPad via an app like netflix, hulu, etc?

  • 10 November 2014
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Tablet video app sound compatibility.

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7 replies

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Hello JD Bacon, 

Wireless streaming Netflix content from your iPad to Sonos is not an available option at this time. 

If you had another Sonos device, you could listen to "Netflix, Hulu or etc" by hooking up your iPad directly to the PLAY:5, CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP via their Line-In; however, the line-in option is not available with the PLAY:1. 

I see that you also commented in another question thread in regards to adding Netflix to the system. Keep an eye on that thread, we will update it with any new information regarding this feature request. 
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I bought a Sonos play 1 and I feel like I've been conned! And yes, maybe I should have looked into it more, so I guess its my own fault, but I assumed that playing audio from any sauce would be possible. Its not. Unless you are using an application accepted by Sonos, forget it.

All I wanted to do was send the audio from a film I was watching on my projector, but Sonos says no. The device is massively restricted and to add to that theres not even an audio in, which I guess would fix it but at the same time makes a mockery of the wireless function.

Its a massive disappointment and I'd strongly advise anyone who wants a functional and open wireless audio device to stay well away from sonos. What I got and what I thought I was getting are two very different things. I have bought a very expensive Spotify player, oh and iTunes also works. Anything else like even sending the audio from your computer is not allowed, which is a shame because the sound quality is great, but then it should be for £170.

If anyone knows away round the draconian operating system that restricts everything, please let me know, as at the moment I am stuck with a very expensive mistake.
Tom is right got 2 and they aregoing back, it's use less can't even will get a bose.
The sound is good, but it's a shame we can't use it for youtube as any other device can.
The sound is good, but it's a shame we can't use it for youtube as any other device can.

No, "any other device" cannot. Google's own multi-room audio device, the Chromecast Audio, cannot use YouTube, and Google owns YouTube. Only Bluetooth based speakers, which stream directly from a device, can use YouTube.
Seems like Sonos could come up with a page of code could integrate with line out stream of a device somehow and just play whatever would be going out the headphone jack...
yes, I don't know anything about how the signals are processed in phones/ipads/laptops, but the concept seems simple enough... I guess we just have to wait another 5 years for the coders & HW to catch up to our common-man concepts. oh wait... isn't this called bluetooth... Ya ya ya ... multiple outs, out to multiple speakers, not so simple... That's why I'm just here sitting commenting from my living room and in a conference room hashing out the details...