Bug Report: Song keeps skipping while on repeat after first play

  • 20 January 2023
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Hi, I’ve been experiencing a bug on my Sonos One players recently.

I’ll select a song that I want to play using the Sonos controller app and then select the repeat song button (tapping the repeat button twice so that the icon with the 2 arrows and the ‘1’ inside the circle appears). The song will play normally during the first playthrough, but after that, the song always skips after the first 19 seconds (this is very consistent). Sometimes an error will display in the Sonos app about an unsupported encoding, sometimes nothing shows up.

I’ve used both the iOS app and the macOS app and get the same results. FWIW, the song is this one from Spotify.

My workaround is to create a playlist with at least 2 songs and then have that playlist play on repeat, which for whatever reason seems to stop the bug from happening.

Any help would be appreciated. If nothing else, I just want to make sure the Sonos team sees this bug report. Thanks!


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Same thing for us.  We use this throughout our company.  We are ready to pitch all of the Sonos product out and go in a different direction.  We have exhausted everything.  The only thing left is to replace the Connect but I am not sure we want to try this since it will be costly to us, and the problem might be software related.  All networking has been troubleshooted and this problem started within the last 60 days.  


Songs play ok and then get repeat is activated and, in some cases, the first 15 seconds of the songs are only repeated.  

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From this thread on the dutch language user community:

”Recently spotify changed something in the way their service works which makes it use more data. This increased amount of data is too much for some old Sonos components to handle properly, simply because the hardware can no longer handle it. Which can indeed lead to music dropping out on certain speakers, the old components that suffer from this include the zp90 and the play5gen1. It sounds like this is the problem you are experiencing. To be able to determine this with certainty, I would like to ask you to contact us so that we can confirm this through a diagnosis. In the meantime you can try the following workarounds:

Cable another Sonos device with an Ethernet cable to the network (so not the ZP90 and not the play5gen1), if there is no possibility for this, do not make any cables and just let the system run over Wi-Fi.
Make as little use as possible of built-in Spotify functions such as crossfade and shuffle
When grouping speakers in this case, make sure that either the sonos one or the play:1 becomes the group coordinator. You can do this by canceling the current group, then playing music only on the sonos one or play:1 and then linking the other speakers to it using the grouping function.”

So changing the Connect for a Port could help….