Bug report: Can't play Artist Top Songs on Amazon Music

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Hi @Corry P / @Jamie A  / @Sotiris C., so many issues with the new app and so many threads, that I don't know if this one has been discussed yet, so I would like to report it to be sure it’s on the backlog:

On Amazon Music I can search for an Artist and see their Top Songs folder, but there's no option to play these songs. If I click on one of these songs it plays only this one and stops.

In 16.1 and before I was able to play all songs on the Artist Top Songs, being also able to toggle shuffle and repeat. Could you add this to the bug backlog, please?



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Hi @furacaopr 

Thanks for your post!

I was unable to reproduce this issue as I only have the Prime version of Amazon Music which does not allow the selection of particular tracks. In my case, I saw no tracks within Top Tracks, but did have a play button that so far has resulting in two tracks playing in succession. I have reported the issue, however. Could you please add here a screenshot or two of what you see? Thanks.

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Hi @Corry P , here you are.


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Hi @furacaopr 



Me too.  For example, I search for Avenge Sevenfold on Amazon Music and hit Top Songs. 



Then I hit the fist songs in the list:



It just adds the first song to the queue.  How do I play all the top songs? Or shuffle them?


Also struggling with this issue. I pay for Amazon Music and use it through my Sonos system and pretty much can’t use Amazon Music at all since I can’t play all the songs Buy a particular artist or shuffle them anymore. Really difficult to search for stations. When you do play the first song on the top songs list it doesn’t even continue to play the rest of the list.  Maddening.


Please address urgently. No point for me to pay for the service if I can’t use it as before or to hold onto these speakers versus putting them on eBay. 

Sonos, you were the Cadillac of systems, and now your Interface looks like everybody else with less functionality. Do what Coke did when they came out with “new Coke” many years ago and people hated it. They admitted their mistake and reverted to the original. Do this! People are forgiving. But do it quickly!

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Hi @furacaopr 

I’ve been informed that we were already aware of this issue and are investigating. There is no ETA for a fix, but I have added the tracking code to this thread - I’ll update the thread once it has been resolved.

I hope this helps.

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The same issue exists for Deezer.

But it's not a bug. The functionality just isn't implemented.

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Hi @IvPo 

We are aware of this affecting Deezer too, and you may well be right there.

Same Exact  issue for me as well, agreed it is maddening please address soon as my Sonos is only good for playing playlists and stations.  This was absolutely available in the old app, should be a simple fix, please advise once fixed 

Same issue. I pretty much exclusively use sonos and Amazon music together. This is incredibly frustrating.

Same issue here. So frustrating.

Also volume button is now very slow to respond.

Why do you bring new updates out which haven't been fully tested to meet all required functionality?

Not good.

I loved your speakers with old app.  I can tolerate new app until this bug.  You must fix the Amazon top songs bug or fire your product manager.  Otherwise, I have to sell my system to cut my losses and search for another system for my peace of mind time.