Bridge fully functional in S2 system? - Confused!

  • 28 December 2020
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while visiting my parents over Christmas, I made the following observation: they have a small Sonos system in their home, consisting of two Play:1 and one Play:5 gen. 2 as well as a Bridge. At some point they upgraded their system to S2, so all the Speakers are running S2 now while the bridge is of course still on S1 and should not work with the rest of the system anymore, or that’s at least what I expected. Since I thought the bridge would be rather useless now, I unplugged it’s power cable just to realize that by doing this, all the speakers stopped working and the app lost connection to the system. Plugging the bridge back in, system reverted to normal operation. In the app under “My System” all the components are shown with WM:0, meaning they have a wired connection (via the bridge). So why exactly does Sonos tell us that the Bridge is not compatible with S2, which might be technically correct (it still runs S1) but who cares as long as it does its job?




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1 reply

Interesting. The Bridge is a simple ‘bridge’ between wired and SonosNet. It’s quite conceivable that it might continue to do so, despite being at an incompatible version (and now generation) of firmware.

Of course one would expect the controller to complain relentlessly about this, and probably refuse to open at some point.


It’s worth pointing out that the Bridge has the earliest generation of SonosNet wireless, and its power supply has a tendency to fail with age. Basically it’s ancient tech that will do a Sonos system no favours and should be disposed of.