Boost and CR-200

  • 23 February 2023
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If I add a Boost to my (S1 SonosNet mesh) system that uses a Bridge:

  1.  Will the Boost increase signal range so that my CR-200 won’t struggle to find the signal. 
  2.  If so, how do I use the Boost?  Do I have my system “find” it and then I just plug it in midway between the Bridge and where I use the CR-200?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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1 reply

A BRIDGE or BOOST can improve CR200’s operating range. Make sure that BOOST is using S1. No configuration is necessary, just add BOOST to your system and wait a few minutes for the system to reconfigure.

One or more SONOS units must be wired to your network before BRIDGE or BOOST will offer any benefit. BOOST is a more modern, more effective version of BRIDGE. When used as a range extender, it is not required that BRIDGE or BOOST be wired to the network.