Beta version 7 spotify playing to grouped sonos devices including a line-in speaker set to autoplay

  • 2 November 2016
  • 3 replies

Using the new beta version 7 when I try and play a song to a grouped set of sonos speakers that includes a speaker that has autoplay of line-in turned on, I'm initially able to connect to the speakers only if I choose the non-line-in connected speaker first. Then when I hit play (after seeing "connected") immediately It kicks me back to "Manage devices." If I try to connect to the autoplay speaker first then it won't connect at all. As soon as I remove autoplay from this speaker groups work fine. With the upcoming connectivity options with Amazon Echo and the dot, this will be a bigger issue. Actually, it's already an issue for me as I can't leave autoplay on for a sonos speaker connected to an echo dot for line-in needs and be able to group this speaker for playback of spotify through the spotify app. Hopefully this all makes sense. I submitted a diagnostic but not sure what else to do to provide feedback on this.

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3 replies

The beta program has instructions for leaving feedback, you should have read those already.
My bad...
It is OK that you post this here, others may see it and help them. But for sure also submit through beta channel as well