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  • 5 October 2016
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What is the best tablet platform to use with Sonos? I've heard Apple based products do not allow for full functionality. Any suggestions?

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8 replies

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Actually, Apple's tablets allow you to use Sonos' Trueplay audio tuning capability, where Android tablets cannot do this (too many inconsistencies in the microphones on them, even within a single brand or model line).

Aside from Trueplay though, I believe that the Sonos functions on both Android and iOS are the same.
Aside from Trueplay though, I believe that the Sonos functions on both Android and iOS are the same.
Not quite. Android devices can attach directly to SonosNet.
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Samsung galaxy tab is good for me, battery life now a bit pants tho. As above can cast GPM directly if your prefer that app. Can also work well with chromecasts.
Yes, it's the connecting directly to Sonos Net that I have heard about. My understanding is that will allow the system to avoid hogging the wifi network in my home and the tablet stays connected to the Sonos system without dropping between wifi Zones. True?
No, false. Whether the system uses SonosNet or not is determined by whether or not you have a Sonos device wired to your router. It is that that takes the strain off of the home wifi. The apps are just controllers. If you are using SonosNet, then being able to connect the app to SonosNet is only an advantage if you have range problems that prevent your app device connecting to your home wifi.
Using SonosNet mode (the slightly confusingly named 'BOOST Setup') does indeed put the music traffic onto a different wireless segment to one's WiFi. This is one key benefit, along with the fact that SonosNet is a mesh, so each device can act as a wireless relay to support the others.

The icing on the cake is that SonosNet can also support Android devices directly. iOS doesn't permit this. An Android attached to SonosNet will generally seek out the strongest signal, though it doesn't jump immediately so as you walk around the house it isn't repeatedly changing access points. There's a measure of hysteresis involved.
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Yeah, I keep forgetting that Android devices can connect directly to SonosNet... and if you use Google Play Music, there's the fact that Android devices with both GPM and Sonos installed can cast directly to Sonos (at least until Google decides to toss that feature, since Sonos has pledged allegiance to Alexa).

But if you're looking to use it strictly for Sonos and not other apps, the difference of Trueplay (iOS) versus SonosNet connectivity (Android, since you're using SonosNet) is the decision you'll need to make.
With Google now building its own devices, hopefully the microphones will be consistent across models, so that Sonos can bring Trueplay to at least some Android devices.