Been a year and Sonos S1 apps refuse to start & insist on S2 app bug has not been fixed

  • 12 September 2022
  • 2 replies

I Sonos planning to fix this or is my Play 5 now junk?

2 replies

There is no such bug so it isn't going to be fixed. You must be doing something wrong.

What devices do you have and are they all in an S1 system or are you also running S2?

I also had this issue when I attempted to add a Play5 (i.e. S1 only) to my existing S2 network.  I think when I initially opened the S1 controller I must have selected ‘add to existing network’ or something along those lines and from that point on, the S1 app would constantly prompt me to open the S2 app.

I have now fixed this by choosing ‘reset app’ in the S1 controller (under ‘More Options’ I think).  Then when you start the process again, choose ‘set up new network’ and you should be able to go through without having to open the S2 app.