BBC sounds needs multiple trys to play station

  • 14 October 2023
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My internet connection is with 3 on a Zyxel router/modem connected in passthrough mode to an Edgerouter X. If the connection is over the 4g phone network the Sonos app connects to BBC sounds on the first try. If the modem is connected to the 5g phone network the Sonos app can take up to 10 attempts to connect to BBC Sounds. Similar problems but less often with Apple Music. Has anyone else experienced this? I should say that the internet connection is 60mbps on 4g and 300 on 5g with pings in the 30ms range.

I have been unable to explain this to Sonos support as they get endlessly distracted by confusing 5g network connection with 5Ghz wifi.

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1 reply

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I am on 3 with huawei 5g router in bridge mode using eero pro 6 router for my WiFi 

I only use 5g but just added bbc sounds to Sonos App and flipped through 7-8 live stations with no problems 

you don’t mention what speakers you are using and how they are connected mine are a pair of 5s connected to sonosnet

not used any of the routers your using can you reserve IPs on it as it sounds like you have a network issue