BBC Radio to stop mid 2023

  • 7 November 2022
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Hi all


for BBC Sounds to be available as a music source, is it sufficient to have a UK based account or do you need to be connected to a UK /VPN server.  

many thanks




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15 replies

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Should work with just a UK account.  Mine does. 

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Just curious. For non-UK residents BBC radio is stille available on TuneIn. Where have you read it will stop “mid 2023”?

when listening to bbc radio abroad (via tunein or sonos radio, doesn’t seem to make a difference). the bbc originating message ‘this service will stop in 2023, if you are listening via internet radio contact your provider’ has started to being broadcast once a day for the last few days.

would be keen to hear whether Sonos have a plan or instructions.

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Could be they mean this: 


it looks like the same issue and from my (optimistic) reading of the posts it looks like Sonos/TuneIn are going to make updates to fix it.

Morning, the announcements  on BBC over tune-in / sonos continue - '….transmission by this supplier will end during your supplier...or use BBC Sounds..’.  I've tried to find the music service on sonos (having connected on the net on my phone) 'BBC Sounds’ and it isn't there.  Anyone got a fix?

@mark bibbings . Your profile says you are in France.  BBC sounds within Sonos is only available in the UK.  It is suggested earlier in this thread that it is sufficient tochange the location of your Sonos account to UK.  I’m a bit sceptical about that, but maybe you’d like to test it for us?

Edit - just realised that @castalla has already stated that this works for him.  Might still be worth testing in another part of the world and a different setup.

Thanks John. I’ll see if it works for me - MORE NEWS TO FOLLOW….

OK John. ‘Thicko’ here - how do I change my account to UK?

OK John. ‘Thicko’ here - how do I change my account to UK?

Go to

Click the icon that looks (vaguely) like a person and sign into your account.

Edit your profile.

John, thanks. I think I have made the changes and it's working. I'll be back bothering you if I have any further problems.


That's good.  Thanks for posting back  if it was a bother I wouldn't be on here! Glad to help.

Hi, I’d like to confirm that this issue has been resolved for me too by using a UK sonos account and waiting 24h. However, I now have another problem:

I want to use Alexa voice commands with my (compatible) Sonos speaker to play BBC radio 4. At the moment it will only start streaming from TuneIn radio, even though I have BBC sounds linked to my sonos account and can use it without Alexa voice. I have managed to link BBC sounds to Alexa, but when I try a voice command, she answers, ‘Playing music from BBC sounds is not supported’. 
Anyone else encountered this problem?

Hi @sueinbonn 

This should work.  There are problems using Google but Alexa works fine for me.

Please would you confirm that you have done all of the following (I know you have mentioned some already):

  1. Installed BBC skill for Alexa in the Alexa app
  2. Installed Sonos skill for Alexa in the Alexa app
  3. Installed the BBC Sounds service in Sonos
  4. Added Amazon Alexa as a voice service on your voice-compatible Sonos Speakers

It may be worth uninstalling and reinstalling these - maybe try the Sonos skill for Alexa first.  Just power cycling all your Sonos speakers may refresh everything.

OK John, well let's prove Oscar Wilde correct - no good deed goes unpunished!

You've been so helpful so far, I have another question: Whilst, making sure my apps  were all up to date I clicked, unintentionally on 'Tune-In Premium Plan’.  They keep on threatening to charge me and cancelling my subscription - which they claim I can do whenever I wish - appears to be utterly impossible - I just can't find where / how to do it. However, they only threaten to charge 0.00 and I've never given them my CC details. In your opinion am I safe to continue with tune-in 'gratis’? Thanks.