Battery rundown CR200 ?

  • 31 March 2014
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Hi, my CR200 rechargeable battery is running out of Life. Funny side-effects such as it starts the player randomly at night when almost powerless. Can i buy areplacement and is it possible to change for a non-technician like me ?

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7 replies


Replacement batteries are available from the SONOS store.
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do you have a direct link as I am struggling to find the CR200 battery.
The Sonos UK store apparently doesn't stock them.

As a general rule Simply Sound & Vision are good for this kind of thing but I drew a blank there. However Stone Audio have the official Sonos CB200:

Alternatively you could try a cheaper, compatible battery:
I had this problem recently and someone on this forum helpfully suggested cleaning the contacts on the bottom of the unit. They looked fine but rubbing with something rough showed they were actually quite tarnished. Once clean all good with no more randomness !!

Hope this helps
Controller is a discontinued product and so presume that is why batteries are not stored. The Stone Audio link does not work (Jan 2017) but Amazon does and batteries available in UK. Thanks to Pete GB for tip on contacts.
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Try a pencil easer or as they say in the UK "a Rubber" It will not hurt anything and will clean the contacts nicely. Anything else may remove material and make the connection not work. 😃