Back When Sonos Cared

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When Sonos first launched, they were strictly a music product. Frankly, they changed the way a lot of multi-room audio was done back then. Average consumers without any audio experience could start creating "zones" and the coolest thing was the ability to have a different music source in each zone at the same time! Many of us early-adopters jumped on the chance (at the recommendation of SONOS I might add, a feature/benefit they really pitched) to put our CD Collections onto a hard drive or preferably a NAS device. My God I could now listen to all the music I bought on CD in any room individually or grouped together with no lag or delay ... this IS the reason I bought into this eco-system from the beginning and spent lots of $$$ over the years. The surround sound market came years later. Suddenly today the music seems to be secondary, ... I was surprised to see how many people wanted the new headphones for TV and not music. So a new App launches and all of a sudden, this old crowd didn't seem as important evidenced by the fact that people lost access to their music libraries. This old crowd has every right to complain and be upset, we are the ones who started the company .... there are many features I used to rely on literally everyday just suddenly gone!

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