Away from home. Does the alarm go on forever?

  • 31 December 2016
  • 2 replies

Not to confuse with the ongoing alarm related issue.
If I'm away from home and have an alarm set to play music from a playlist, does the music stop after some time or only when the entire playlist is played?

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2 replies

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Yes, you should be able to set a duration of a certain amount of time for the alarm to be on (barring unusual circumstances like the alarm bug that has surfaced). For example, I have a weekday alarm that plays a Google Play Music radio station for 30 minutes. This is possible no matter the source, though if the source (i.e. a playlist) runs out before the alarm period does, then the music will stop early.

I don't know if an existing repeat option will persist for an alarm (i.e. to repeat a playlist until the alarm duration is reached), or if the alarm will disable the repeat function before it starts. I would expect the latter, though.
Good to know Mike! I thought I had set a timeout but being away, couldn't double check through the app.