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  • 1 December 2022
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I recently bought my first Sonos speakers (a set of Sonos One SLs from Costco setup as a stereo pair). I added YouTube Music after a couple of hiccups (something to do with “brand accounts”) and am able to play music on  the speakers. I have an individual YTM Premium subscription.

I am running to two, probably related, issues:

  1. Launch Sonos app | Search for a song | long press | Play Now: This plays the song, but then stops after that song is done. In contrast, on the YTM app, I have ”Autoplay” enabled and clicking on the “Up Next” tab shows a long list of similar/recommended songs. This does not seem to work similarly within the Sonos app.
  2. Launch Sonos app | Search for a song | long press | more | Start Radio: This starts the “Radio” feature - but with a completely random song and not the song I searched for. Is this expected? The song is not completely random though -- each time I search for aspecific song and launch the radio, the same “random” song starts playing.

Is this a known issue? AutoPlay not working for YTM? and “Start Radio” starting on the “next” song?


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Hi @MarkB41, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Both of the points you’ve brought up are the expected behaviour with YTM and similar music services.

I personally use Spotify, selecting one song and the pressing Play Now will just play that song. Spotify does have the option to start a session from the Spotify app to make use of Autoplay, but this isn’t an option with YTM. The solution here is to either find an album/artist to play or use an existing playlist.

For the radio option, I’m not sure why you’re getting the same song every time. While I also don’t get the song I started the radio from as my first song, I am able to get different songs from the song I searched for. It’s likely YTM and Spotify handle this feature differently.

Both of these features however fall outside of our control, as Autoplay and which songs get populated on the radio playlist come from the music service itself. I'll be happy to pass this to our engineers so they can notify YTM of this behaviour, however it may be more effective for a YTM paying customer to get in touch with YTM directly, but the workarounds now are to search for an album, artist, or playlist to play from.

I hope this information helps!

Thanks Jamie. In the past two days all my reading had led me to conclude the same.

I am sad that YTM integration with Sonos is not quite at the level of Spotify with Sonos. Truly wonderful speakers on one hand. Exhaustive and really great content & song recommendation engine on the other hand. Pity that as a consumer I have to choose one or the other. But given I think it is unlikely to be fixed in the near future.