Are we going to hear Sonos announce they're joining up with ChromeCast Builtin? I hope soon.

  • 7 October 2017
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I was told that Sonos were going to have Chromecast Builtin like many other TV and Audio manufacturers have already done.
So I kitted my home out with Google Home and most of the devices that are compatible it. I have had Sonos devices in my home since they first came to the UK. I've been eagerly waiting for Sonos to announce that Chromecast has now been installed in their speakers and other devices so that I can use Google Home with Sonos. When can I hope to see Chromecast Builtin rolled out from Sonos?

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6 replies

They've stated that Google Assistant will be integrated next year. What that means as far as being able to play music from Google supported sources is unclear, at least to me.
Thank you, I play through my Sonos with ChromeCast Audio and Google Home but it's not as good as having full control. Hopefully they will speed things along. Thanks for your help.:D
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Maybe this is why google are not that interested in sonos anymore:-
Maybe this is why google are not that interested in sonos anymore:-

Once again, Paulw123 is making stuff up out of whole cloth. First it was his many claims that Sonos is paid by music services, then it was his unfounded claims the Google Chromecast support was coming soon, now this nonsense. If Google is not that interested in Sonos, why did Sonos announce a partnership to bring Google Assistant voice control to Sonos in 2018, Paul?
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Well it's true, I do like a conspiracy theory, iam not that sure anyone has actually made it to the moon.....
Still you do have a good memory, and you seem to remember me, so at least I bring out the box ideas ;);)
Don't you think under the skin of google chromecast audio there lies some sonos DNA?
When you make ridiculous claims that have no basis in fact, then repeat them even after being corrected on them several times, you are not being remembered for thinking outside the box, you are remembered for talking nonsense. As to Google having Sonos DNA? How in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks could I, you, or anybody else who doesn't work for either company know anything like this? Again, making stuff up does not make it so.