Apple Music service (Sonos app plugin) lossless coming soon?

  • 14 March 2023
  • 4 replies

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Does the 3/28 “Hi Res” and Apple Music Classical update mean that we’ll also be able to stream regular lossless (CD quality audio - 16-bit/44.1 kHz) through the Apple Music service via the Sonos iPhone app and Mac app?

4 replies

Sonos have made no announcement about this so it’s a waiting game at the moment.

And it would rely on Apple to update their feed to Sonos for the Sonos controller, or AirPlay 2 for playing from Apple’s own app. Not really in Sonos’ hands. Remember, the controller app that Sonos uses only points the software on the speakers to Apple’s servers, and plays whatever Apple provides to them. 

To be honest, I would expect that Apple has their hands full in preparing their own release, and haven’t had time to set up a new Apple Music Classical connection for Sonos to use yet, either. Or do anything about hi-res for Sonos. 

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Hopefully the Era release and this Apple announcement will bring regular CD quality lossless streaming, as it should. I’m crossing my fingers for good things on 3/28 or at least the very near future…

FWIW, I did a side-by-side comparison vs. Idagio and Apple sound quality is distinctly inferior.   Signal was delivered through Sonos connect, B&W 805 speakers.  Source was Chandos recording of Schubert String Quintet (Brodsky).  I played this directly from the S2 app, not using airplay.

In case anyone from Apple (or Sonos) cares, Apple Classical has several advantages and I’d probably switch, but its lower sound quality on Sonos is a deal-breaker for me.  (Or is there some way of improving Apple sound on Sonos?