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  • 27 March 2023
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So it is great that we can now listen to Apple Music Dolby Atmos from the Sonos app, but when playing to the Sonos Amp does it stream in Lossless as there is no icon to indicate this?


Best answer by GuitarSuperstar 27 March 2023, 20:20

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4 replies

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Lossless music from Apple Music isn’t currently supported on Sonos from the Sonos app or the Apple Music mobile app. I believe the only way you can currently play lossless from Apple Music to Sonos is through an Apple TV 4K.

Thanks for the answer, it really is a shame.

You shouldn’t have to buy another piece of equipment to listen to lossless audio and also have the television on.

I like many find this so frustrating.  I have Apple One for my family.  After I purchased Sonos Arc and 2 Sonos SL, my focus is on music not home theater.  I grabbed trials on Quboz, Tidal & Amazon HD premium.  They all sounded great thru the Sonos app.  Better than any other option- Apple Music or airplay2.  Kept AMZ music for price(Prime).  Sound is great thru Sonos app.

For someone who has invested thousands over 40 years on stereo gear, thousands on vinyl and then thousands to replace my vinyl with CD’s - this is amazing.  I now have access to almost all music published and just need my iPhone and Sonos speakers.  

Come on Apple let me get proper value from my subscription.

BTW - GuitarSuperstar is a true treasure.  Before investing in the Sonos ecosystem,  I understood early and read all of GS comments and takes.  Helped my decision making for music listening.  Thank you GS.  Ted


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@Steelers1 Thanks for the kind words, Ted. I’m glad my comments have been helpful!