Apple Music Lossless ATV & Speaker Grouping

  • 15 July 2022
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Just looking for a little more information and clarification around Apple Music lossless. Had a good read of a number of the topics in the forum and if I am right, I can stream lossless to my ARC when connected to Apple TV - so am good with that, all works fine including Dolby Atmos etc. If I group the ARC with additional speakers in different rooms (outside of the home theatre setup), since ALAC I believe is a supported codec, will I get lossless to the other speakers or will it use AAC.


So in essence, if I start streaming from the Apple TV and not the S2 app, will I get lossless to other speakers 


Also, be great if the S2 app would show streaming format for all the speakers in the same way that it shows the audio format on the ARC 

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