Any way around needing WiFi to set up this Sonos Device?

  • 27 November 2023
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Hi, I recently got a Sonos Beam Gen 2 to go with my new Sony Bravia XR A90K 4K OLED UHD TV. The sales person at the store claimed I wouldn’t need WiFi to be able to use this device with my TV, and this TV having lots of automatic compatibility with various devices. I unfortunately don’t have WiFi or any way to get it currently, so not needing WiFi to use this device was a selling point for me. I come home and find out I DO need WiFi apparently to set it up and configure it. I heard there was some sort of workaround involving using 2 phones, but I don’t think I got it to work. I noticed that my Sonos device does react to me using the volume controls on my TV, I can turn the volume up and down, and I definitely can tell when the device is unplugged; so obviously it is working somehow despite not being set up using WiFi.


What I want to know is, will not being able to set up and configure it using WiFi cause the device to put out inferior sound, since I would lack access to any of the configurations and features it has? Would I be able to just use this device as is, or would it not be worth it if it’s not properly set up and configured?  Can that cause any trouble later on down the road? Also, how specifically do you perform the workaround involving 2 phones, can anyone describe exactly what needs to be done? I heard there’s also a solution that involves using a traveling router, can anyone describe how to do that and what that all entails? This is my first experience with a device like this so any help would be greatly appreciated. My fear is that there is no real workaround and WiFi is needed for this regardless.


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The system requirements do state that you need an internet connection. They are shown here for your information:

You certainly need it to setup/register the speaker to your account so that the correct music/radio services can be made available, wherever you are located. Different countries/regions have different services in much the same way as TV services and channels etc.