Android homescreen/launcher controller

  • 6 May 2014
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It would be great if the Sonos app could function as the Android homescreen/launcher. I'm certain many people would like to purchase  (cheap $50) tablets to function as a dedicated Sonos controller.
Any Android app can be extended to function as a homescreen/launcher simply by adding some additional blocks in the Android manifest file and being able to handle a few extra callbacks.

This will be very little work to do on top of the existing Android app.

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4 replies

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This would also be a great way to "repurpose" an old smartphone that you have since upgraded too. 
come on Sonos....let's see you implement this easy fix
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A SONOS Launcher could in my opinion please the currently unsatisfied CR100 users who will loose their easy access to control their SONOS System when service for the CR100 is discontinued in april 2018. I would replace everyone of my 5 CR100 with a SONOS launcher tablet if it existed.
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Setting the Sonos App as a launcher app is possible. There os a long thread... if i can find it, on this very matter.

"Target Home Launcher" is the app that lets you set Sonos as home screen launcher, and there are some tweaks you can do o have the display always on when attached to charger.