Android app permanently steals volume control focus with 'Allow volume control on homescreen' option

  • 8 July 2016
  • 3 replies

I have the latest Android Sonos app (v6.3) on my BlackBerry PRIV (Android v6.0.1). When I enable the 'Allow volume control on homescreen' option, the Sonos volume control becomes the default volume that is adjusted when using the hardware volume buttons on the phone - great! But when I close the Sonos app (stop service or kill it completely), the Sonos volume sometimes remains the default volume. I have to start the app/service again and disable the 'Allow volume control on homescreen' option to regain normal volume control.

Is anyone else having this problem?


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3 replies

I don't mean to be funny but that sounds like exactly what that option is supposed to do surely?
Not really. When the app is running, Yes, this is the behaviour I want. But when I close the app, I don't want its volume to be the default. I want the normal volume settings, which in my case is the notification volume. Right now, when I close the Sonos app, its volume remains, which makes the hardware volume buttons useless, since they're controlling a volume that has no media playing.
Yeah. This is super irritating. Music playing in background, try to silence phone? Nope you turn the music down.