Am I the only one that finds the SONOS 8 App EXTREMELY difficult to use???

  • 4 December 2017
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iPhone App is almost unusable. Very difficult to figure out where to click when you are in a given room and want to change the music source or station from a given music source that is playing, or want to make a change to a different room. U never know what screen will come up when you click. WHY DON'T ALL THE OPTIONS STAY LIVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN FOR BROWSE, ROOMS, SEARCH ETC.

I find it extremely difficult to navigate. Is there a decent video clip that explains this or is this new app version simply a terrible step backwards.

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27 replies

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No computer nerdy stuff required. It is now logical, makes sense and is easy to use once you’ve looked at the screens. It is different, not counter intuitive.
Even sonos has acknowledged by now that the new interface has a steep learning curve. And that means it is not intuitive, as you can't rely on your instincts.

And it's not because the new interface can be understood that it's logical. Fact is that even if you figure out how the new interface, you still likely to have to consciously do so, as numerous - often strongly worded - posts of this forum have shown.

And that's because a lot of the elements are not logical, with that separation of room configuration from room selection as the prime example. Turn and twist it anyway you want design decisions like that don't make sense.

A brand new user would find it just fine.
Again we have seen numerous posts stating the exact opposite from people who didn't encounter issues when trying this out with the previous interface.

Do you use Windows? If so how can anyone use Windows 10. It is different.
That's a nonsense argument. Change can be both good or bad. And it's not because people can learn how to use something that it's well designed.
Well I consider it an honor to call myself a computer nerd. Many decades in the industry, an advanced computer science degree, and many years as a Sonos user and owner. I will support almost all of the above. The V8.x interface is one of the most non-intuitive, confusing and frustrating interfaces I've ever used. Not to mention it seems to have hosed several of our playlists (songs playing bear no relation to the title and cover shown, somehow migrated from sonos to amazon music, etc.)

Hopefully V9 comes out soon and fixes a lot of these issues.