Allow Automatic Updates for Sonos

  • 25 June 2024
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Note: The following is offered in the spirit of helpful information. If you are inclined to remain disgruntled with the current state of the app and/or Sonos in general then I suggest you close this thread and move on. I’ll not be responding to any negative comments to justify what I have written.

During this time of Sonos fixing things with the App I would suggest turning on automatic updates within the app. If you are manually updating the app you must first remove the current version from your device. The downside is that all data is removed including that which is to be changed/updated as well as that that requires no change/update.  In essence you are rebuilding the app from the ground up which in most instances can require rebuilding personal settings.

In technical terms you are pandering to what is known as a “volatile update” that destroys the previous version. This procedure may have been (emphasis on may have been) necessary in the first few updates; but IMO is no longer required.

Automatic updates work in the background and only that which is required to be changed/updated is affected. My system moved from 30.03.06 to 30.03.07 with no hiccups. I had no need to rebuild person settings. All thirty-one (31) Sonos units are operating as they should. Furthermore, my system is operating on my home WiFi with no (Ethernet) wired units.

1 reply

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Hi @AjTrek1 

Sound advice! Thanks for sharing.