Like many, I found the removal of the alarm functionality with the new app roll out really annoying. I rang SONOS and the chap confirmed it was a miss, but sit tight as they would release a fix.

Since then there’s been two new versions/updates released, including one yesterday. But neither fixed my alarms. We have the new app on several devices and none work - thankfully I’ve the old app on my i-pad that works beautifully.

To be specific; I can SEE all existing alarms (that i set via the old ‘gold’ app), i can access each one and make changes - but when i tap ‘save’ nothing changes. It also lets me start to add a new alarm, all settings, time, etc - but again when I tap save, the new alarm doesn’t appear.

System wise, I’ve c.20 components across six rooms.

I can’t get a straight answer from SONOS - given the above, is this issue supposed to have been patched and if so, it’s a ‘me issue’ and I need to try and find a fix or is the patch still pending from SONOS and we should sit tight?

Any help from the community would be really appreciated.

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The alarms should be working now. I know you updated the app, but have you updated your speakers too?

Thanks for replying… when i check for updates, its says I’m all good? Could you advise how I check the speakers are updated? Appreciate this sounds a stupid question, seeing as have had my system for years… but i just tend to update when it tells me too :)

EDIT: Just tapped

system settings


system updates

check for updates

...and it displays “Your Sonos system is up to date”….


Am i missing something?


Looks like everything is running version 16.2...