Alarm clock / snooze / volume control within the Sonos App

  • 5 December 2013
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I have a Playbar and Sub and am very happy with them. I thought of buying a Play 1 to have on my bedside table to effectively replace my clock radio. However, there is no clock or workable alarm, snooze or volume control post alarm with the current Sonos set up. My idea is to include within the Sonos App the ability to have a digital clock displayed when chosen that can stay open when the iPhone is on a dock so this can be displayed overnight. There are various alarm clock Apps on the market that offer this. When the alarm goes off there could be a snooze and volume control on the screen of the open Sonos App that could be easily accessed by the user. This would then allow the user to have a fully functional alarm clock solution using the Sonos App and speaker/s. Thoughts??

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5 replies

100% agreee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All that Sonos have to do, is add a clock display to the SONOS iPhone/Android app. No hardware changes would be required. I have an iPhone dock next to my SONOS in the bedroom which charges it and if this was added there would be no more need of my alarm clock.

It would need:
  • Clock display that remains on (i.e. prevents phone from going to sleep)
  • Possible options for different clock faces for customisation.
  • Snooze button when the alarm goes off with a snooze time setting (e.g. 5 mins, 10 mins etc)
I don't see that this would be too hard to add and would provide an excellent replacement for many alarm clock devices next to peoples beds!!! 
I totally agree. The current function is too basic and needs :- A sleep function A snooze function ideally with adjustable timing The ability to control it from an iPhone iPad etc. without getting out of bed. Come on Sonos - this can't be too complicated !!
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If the Sonos app just replicated the Pandora snooze and clock functionality, it'd be ideal. I guess this hasn't happened? And there's no 3rd party app that does this?
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I use a Play 1 in my bedroom and for at least 30 years before that I had an Alarm Clock Radio some sort.

The ONLY thing I miss is having a Snooze function. Other than that it works fine.

What I do is set 2 Alarms and cancel the first when the Radio starts to play and then get up when the second Alarm (Radio) goes off.

I don't understand the comments about having a clock showing - If you really need a clock on your bed side table then buy a clock!
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Because I had the same feeling about the sonos alarms missing a snooze feature,
I have created an iOS iPhone/iPad app that can snooze your sonos alarms.

You can find it here:
Screenshots can be found on the website:

Let me know what you think of it