Airsonic / Subsonic / Bonob support

  • 15 May 2024
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I am asking since the release and I am not getting a reply. With the new software update “In house”  local music services like Airsonic/Subsonic or Bonob do not work anymore.

Can I get a reply from a Sonos dev regarding these questions :



I was forced to update my speakers and factory reset them, and now I can’t add services on the Android 16.1 app and Bonob does not exist on version 80.

Can I get a developer to answer these three questions PLEASE or are you basically forcing me to sell my Sonos stereo system ?

Is there anyone at Sonos reading this except the censors in the name of the “Code of Conduct” ?

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3 replies


I have the saem issue since the app update...I cannot use my local airsonic server.

Will airsonic will be supported again? When?




same for me, since this update (catastrophic, the word is not an exaggeration) no more access to airsonic type libraries.
Sonos has made no response on this disappearance of service, and therefore no announcement is made on a return.
This is really terrible.

Update : I wrote to the “CEO” (read the support of Sonos) on the 18th of May and asked a few questions (the same as up above) and I got… a standard boilerplate email that hasn’t answered any of my questions.