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  • 11 April 2017
  • 7 replies

I got a new router and am having trouble connecting my soundbar. I don't see an advanced settings in my app and really do no want to take the soundbar off of the wall where it is mounted and haul it upstairs where the router is to connect directly. There has got to be an easier way than manually connecting it. Ideas?

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7 replies

If you have no Advanced Settings option you should check that all your Sonos controllers and speakers are on the latest software. Also check that your controller device is sufficiently up to date to have full functionality - see controller requirements here:
My app/controller is up to date and we meet all of the requirements (thanks for the link). The soundbar is the only piece we have so far and is brand new. It worked fine when we installed it this weekend on our old router. New router installed yesterday and no advanced settings to change the internet setup. Oddly, I'm having the same issues with my Roku....
If you have only just got Sonos, and therefore have no playlists etc to lose, one option is to factory reset the Playbar and set up afresh. Another thing that might solve your problem would be to change the SSID and password on the new router to match those of the old router.

As a general point, after changing routers you should power cycle every device on your network to clear out IP address issues. So might as well do that first.

Please just see if your system needs a software update. There has to be some explanation for the Advanced Settings option being missing. You can check that the versions are the same in About my Sonos System.
It certainly wouldn't be unusual for something fresh out of the box to be a revision or two behind, on the firmware.

And remember, you only need to connect it to your router for the initialization. Once it's set up, you can disconnect the ethernet cable. I keep a 50 foot ethernet cable in my house for those devices I'm unwilling to pick up and move closer to my router. But with the playbar, you could easily set it up plugged in next to your computer, and then move it and connect it to your TV once you've got it initialized.
I broke down and just pulled it off the wall. Once it was plugged into the Ethernet cable my app took me to a menu where advanced setting was an option. Thanks all 🙂
Glad it worked!
To make life easier in the future my advice would be to get a BRIDGE (available BNIB off eBay for a song) and add that to the system. Keep it aside for emergencies. If you ever need a 'wired' connection to the PLAYBAR all you'd need do is wire the BRIDGE to the router.