Adding a CR100 to the mix

  • 8 March 2015
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Can not get CR100 to connect to my existing system - I have a bridge hooked up directly to my router and everything else is just plugged into the wall - I have a couple play 3s, sound bar, sub, couple of play 1s - About my Sonos shows WM:0 - when I push the arrows on my bridge while the CR100 is in pairing mode it acts like it is trying connect but then tells me it was unable to connect.  Please try again (1) - I have turned off the cr100 and recycled it - same thing happens - please help - I am using a Mac - all of my other controllers (ipad and CR200) work

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8 replies

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Mark, your controller (CR100) might need a firmware update. I would advice you contact sonos.
Thx Dave - I will call them - how do they update firmware on CR100 if it is not plugged into anything?
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Thx Dave - I will call them - how do they update firmware on CR100 if it is not plugged into anything?
I have seen other posts where users had same issue and sonos updated the firmware for them, as I said it might need a firmware update but best course of action is to speak to them direct. How they achieve a firmware update then I don't know.
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Hi Mark, 

the update Dave was referring to should be available to you now. 


Daniel H. 
Hello I am in need of some help to add my existing CR100's to my now "updated" Sonos. I have owned the Sonos ZP100 since they were brought to market and now through forced updates for 3rd party music services, the hardware has become incompatible with itself!
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In order for us to help you with this, please contact us by telephone so that we may apply a patch to your system.
I have a CR200 which is now exhibiting the touch screen defect. I'd like to replace it with a more reliable CR100. The controller apps on my Sonos devices are still on version 4.3. Is it possible to add a CR100 to my current system?
You can add the CR100 but the process will force you to the current software version. I suggest you carefully review what will change before you go ahead with the update.