Adding a boost

  • 6 December 2016
  • 5 replies

Does adding a boost to an existing sonos setup automatically create the required network for the speakers?


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5 replies

Not required, but adding a Boost that is wired to your router does enable Sonosnet (or "Boost") setup, which is a more reliable, with greater range, mesh based network separate from your own WiFi, rather than Sonos running on your WiFi in Standard setup.

See this link for more:
Thank you Jgatie. i also wanted to understand, whether adding the boost is all i need to do to enable my existing speakers to get connected to the sonosnet. i've purchased a boost and added to my existing sonos set up via the sonos controller app. but the app didnt prompt me further to add the speakers to the boost.

is this behaviour correct ?
It's automatic. Go to Settings/About My Sonos System. If you see 'WM:0' the devices are on SonosNet (or wired).
Perfect, thanks. I checked the settings and they are all WM 0. Appreciate your help.
Go to Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup and remove ('reset') the WiFi details if you're going to stay with SonosNet mode.