A Little Lite Conversation: Which Music Services Do You Use?

  • 13 January 2021
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Looking at this community as more than just a support/help/complaint place but an actual community of people like-minded and passionate in an enjoyment of music, home theater and everything Sonos. I thought it would be fun to see what music services people use and an idea of how often. Unfortunately, Sonos does not have a Vote button like some community rooms so we can do it the old fashioned way, here’s mine that my family uses:

Paid Subscriptions: Apple Music: 20% (mostly teenagers), Sonos Radio HD: 30% (wife and I), Amazon Music: 10% (freebie part of Prime, teenagers using Alexa), Calm: <5% (was education worker freebie), Sirius XM: 30% (freebie included with lifelong Sirius subscription from a long time ago, wife and I).

Unpaid Subscriptions:  Music Library: 5% (mostly me), Pandora: <5%, Audible, Bandcamp, Libby, LiveXLive, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tunein.


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1 reply

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Switched to Amazon after many years of Rhapsody/Napster use. They never bothered to make the top songs list usable on Sonos due to the many,many duplicates. Amazon is much more Sonos friendly.

My home library use is dropping as most of what I want is available from Amazon. I do have a good collection of stuff that isn’t but I don’t listen to it that often these days.

I have accounts for a whole lot of services back from my Beta tester days but I don’t recall ever using one of them in the last couple years. Same for Radio, quick look and never gone back.