A linux controller is needed.

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A linux controller for the Sonos system is really needed. A basic controller shouldn't be that hard to create, so even if the userbase is smaller then for Windows there shouldn't be a cost-reason to not do this. The strength of Sonos is ease-of use, and a user that -for instance- prefers Ubuntu will be left to use his/her phone.

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+1 for a native Sonos controller in Linux (Ubuntu).
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I can confirm that 6.2.2. works with Wine (installed with crossover)
I'll be trying 6.3 in playonlinux shortly after frustratingly not being able to get it to find my library running it in a virtual machine.

I'll try to remember to post whether I'm successful.
I don't think 6.3 is working with playonlinux/wine, but thanks to this link posted by Le3eVolfoni I was given insight to samba and possibly able to add music library in Virtualbox, It has at least found the library and is currently updating, that's huge progress for me.



I wrote a tutorial on how to install the Sonos controller and access the musical library under a linux OS (the tutorial is for Ubuntu but works for any distro I saw so far)

Here is the link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/757969/how-can-i-install-sonos-on-ubuntu/757970#757970

I hope it helped.
6.0 and 6.3 neither one works with playonlinux/wine, are there other dependencies that should be installed other than dotnet40?
Has there every been an official or even semi-official word from Sonos support about the lack of a Linux controller?
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+1 for an offfical linux or web controller. For now I'm using this on mint and arch https://en.community.sonos.com/controllers-software-228995/linux-linux-linux-linux-linux-linux-linux-6764091/index1.html

I use linux at work and really need this!