A linux controller is needed.

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A linux controller for the Sonos system is really needed. A basic controller shouldn't be that hard to create, so even if the userbase is smaller then for Windows there shouldn't be a cost-reason to not do this. The strength of Sonos is ease-of use, and a user that -for instance- prefers Ubuntu will be left to use his/her phone.

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This would be great! With a linux controller every single computer in our home will be able to control the Sonos. Please build one!
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Wine is no more able to manage the last version of the "Sonos Controller for PC". So having a official Sonos Controller for Ubuntu/Linux become mandatory. If the control run by using a web browser, and a server on a Sonos Zone Player or Sonos Zone Bridge, it will be acceptable (of course) and flexible for other kind of devices.
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Sonos Controller 3.6.1 was the last version that runs under wine. Since upgrade to 3.7, then 3.8, now 3.8.3, I can no longer control our Sonos system from any of our computers. We bought 4 Play:5 units, so have spent $2,000 on a system that is now trouble to operate.

This international company can't assign one engineer to debug Sonos under wine and get it working again? This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Need working Linux controller.
A native Linux Sonos Controller would be excellent.
+1 to a native client
It is disappointing that SONOS hasn't ported their controller to Linux. Of everything I do on my desktop, there are only to pieces of legacy software that I have to return to Windows to run. Netflix and SONOS. I've gotten around the Netflix with Google TV, but SONOS I can only access with my Android phone. I'm sure this results in my using it far less than I would otherwise. Hope they are making some profits that I can invest in this valuable capability.
Shame on you, Sonos... You have a great range of products which run Linux at their core. You should feel a moral obligation to give something back to the open source community, having profited so much from it. At the very least, publish an API. Some clever geek will turn out an Alpha release of a Linux controller overnight.
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There is an api, but I'm not sure it does controls. I think it's more for music connection purposes, but maybe someone can clear that up?
A .rpm and/or .deb Sonos Controller would be so nice !
Yes please!
Ubuntu Linux is a relavent OS that should be supported by Sonos.
Has someone ever tried to run the Android Sonos App (either phone or tablet) in the framework of the Android SDK for Linux? I have no experience with this, but maybe it is worth a try.
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I don't think that is an actual solution for the problem, namely there is no easy support for popular systems like Ubuntu. (A similar suggestion would be to run windows in a virtual box on your machine. Possible, but not a solution). So while I consider this offtopic, let me comment on it so we don't get a longer discussion about it 🙂 1. It is tricky to get it on a virtual device. The market isn't installed on the AVD by default, so you either need to get an AVD with pre-installed market, or you need to find a different way to get in in there. 2. The Sonos app isn't really happy about being installed on 'random' devices. It most probably won't install on your AVD from the market. See this thread for discussion (it escalates pretty quickly, not a pretty topic.): http://forums.sonos.com/showthread.php?t=24453&page=3 . Lets just say that it isn't sonos' intention to release the APK for this kind of hacking. It isn't _that_ hard to get the APK (basically, get yourself a rooted phone, install the app, backup it, and presto), but in the end you have to re-do all this once the updates come...
Seems like there is only a few Linuxguys with a Sonos. I was also not able to run the controlcenter. Is there any other possibility to run the speaker. For my own musik on the android I use e.g. Skifta. Has anybody a similar idea for Ubuntu? I'm still wondering, why I bought this system... even the androidphone app iss not complete.
Already written some posts and made some requests... and nothing seems to change. I have 3x Player5, 2x Player3 but now stop because of this lack of control through Ubuntu. Think now about buying devices with integrated controller. Shame on Sonos!
Its a pitty, but I returned the system. My new BOSE runs perfect...
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I am able to control my Sonos system (zp120, zp90, and bridge paired with Orb speakers/subwoofers) with my iPod Touch and Nexus 7 ever since I lost the ability to run Sonos under wine. I run Linux Mint 14 KDE on 4 machines all having multiboot including Windows XP and 7. It simply not worth running windows just for Sonos even with something like virtual box. Requests for Sonos to support linux have been made for at least the last 3 years that I know of with negative progress (no longer works with wine).
+1 to native Linux controller
+1 to native Linux controller
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I'd like to see a reply from someone at Sonos what the status on this is? Is there even serious discussion to start some sort of project? What are the reasons for (currently) not doing this / not communicating anything, etc. Is there anyone even monitoring this thread?
No controller, no monitoring... no music!
Linux (Ubuntu, in my case) support would be great.
I would also like to suggest Sonos consider adding a native Linux or web based controller. After recently migrating from the defunct Squeezebox Line, I am bummed there is no Sonos control for Linux. My old Squeezebox setup had a great linux server with a wonderful web based interface. I now have 1x cr100, 1x zp120, 2x s5, 4x s3 sonos products, and I am looking forward to buying more to fill the reset of the house. However, we only use Linux on our computers. While I have various Android tablets / phones around the house, I spend a great deal of time in front of my Linux Thinkpad and would really love a more convient solution for the times when a phone or tablet is out of reach. Please consider this request.
PLEASE get us a .deb/.rpm or at the very least an API specification. I do everything from watching Series to browsing the Internet on my Ubuntu Tablet but without major hacking I can't even turn on the music in my house? That's really sad.
To sad that there is no reaction from S O N O S on the wish of the Linux community! +1 for a native Linux controller!