3rd iPhone won't connect to Sonos on network

  • 27 February 2021
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Hello everyone, I am having an issue that I believe is related to an iphone. My wife's iphone 8 was working fine with our Sonos network until it decided to not work. The app and said there were no Sonos items on the network. At that point I uninstalled the app, restarted the phone, restarted the router, power cycled speakers, etc.

So now we cant even login in the app on one of our devices because it cant see any Sonos devices on the network.

My iphone 8 plus is still able to connect, and my daughters iphone 7 both connect fine, we can see all the speaks, connect and link them together in a group.

All iphones are running ios 14.3, and the Sonos apps have all been updated to current. The ios sonos app we are using is Sonos 12.2.2

the router is a Google Nest mesh network. The Google Home app is version 2.32.11 no idea about hardware version or whatnot.

 Anyone have a problem aimilar to this?

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1 reply

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Does your wife’s iPhone have a VPN on it (eg for work network access)? That will block Sonos access. Also check the “Local network” setting in Settings/Sonos, that needs to be enabled too. Finally try my app (see profile) and run that on her device, see if that can find the players.