2 Sonos accounts, 1 device

  • 8 December 2017
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Is it possible to have two (or more) Sonos accounts within you own (1) network controlling one(or more) device. This idea in order to create separation between users, freeing up the favorites list to the individualized user (5 members of family all with different musical preferences) This way each could have their own personal speakers (in bed room for example) which would only be accessible from they're own acct, but then shared spaces (living room, kitchen) where each account could access the speaker system from their own account therefore allowing access to their own favorites list. All this with out creating a third account which would be a "family" account.

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2 replies

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Not on the same network. You can have different service accounts, such as 2 Spotify accounts etc. The controller remember the last of those service accounts they connect to. But as far as where speakers on one system not showing on another on same network (no). You would have to setup a separate router - which is possible you can create another subnet by adding a second router connected to primary router that only the second system operates off of.
Understood, I assumed this much and rather than spending the time trying the process I thought to throw the question out to someone who might know.
Thanks for your time in answering this.