Why does my Sonos system turn itself on, playing a random song!?

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But when I turn the TV on I don’t expect my Spotify music to spontaneously play in the rest of the house. The only input to the system I am making is autoplay for line in audio, somehow the auto ungroup function is also triggering playback to resume.


This is what happens upon autoplay/auto ungroup

So, neither case is applicable from your previous post. 

I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

Just tried it again with my Beam and same thing. Diagnostic is 1404966687, will try phone if no one here can give it a glance.

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 Hi @ashleywntr, thanks for providing those diagnostics.

I’ve tested this on my own system and I have been able to replicate this behaviour - just to confirm, does this only occur if when the Beam is grouped, it is acting as the group coordinator? i.e. the Beam is the first room listed in the group?

It looks like when the Beam leaves the group, the stream is passed on to the next player and the stream gets unpaused - in any case I’ll pass this on to the tech leads to see if this is something they are aware of :)


[Edit - I have just heard back from the tech leads and we are aware of this issue - we’re currently working with Spotify to get it fixed, however I don’t have an ETA that I can share right now]

@Xander P thanks for taking a look, it’s great to hear it’s not just me!

It appears to be any ungrouping activity that causes it I.e. even when manually doing it in the app. Not sure if it only happens when I’m changing the group coordinator though, I’ll do some further testing.

I had this happen to me today but I have Apple Music and it started playing music on a grouped pair of sonos ones and a sonos move that were all grouped together previously… it started playing some random strange song on Apple Music at about 1:45am tonight. I submitted diagnostics number 763298157. Can someone please help or look in to this? This has never happened to me before so would like to know what happened!!

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Hi @tangfj 

The playback was initiated by the Apple Music service, though I cannot tell you by which device - you’d need to check each device logged into the same Apple account.

I hope this helps.

We lost our son (who just turned 7 the month before) in September 2021 to cancer. The song that automatically played was as song that would come on the radio while driving our son to his treatment appointments. I realize they two aren’t connected, however this event still triggered an emotional response from us.

Diagnostic code is 497511320 and captured <10 minutes of it happening. Wife and I were both working from home and not interacting with the sound system in any way that it could have been triggered.

  • No pets that would be able to trigger the system
  • Sonos app is only installed on my phone where I have no other streaming services installed
  • Opened app to find that a song was playing titled “Thank God” by Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown
  • We have a WebOS 2.2 LG TV but that hasn’t been on since the day before. Connected via HDMI arc to the speaker

I am just looking for some response to the diagnostic

  • I have a rack server with a bunch of IOT devices in a home lab set-ups and a plethora of other IOT devices, from Alexas, to doorbell cameras etc on the same network as the sonos beam system. Potential theory that a broadcast request was sent to this device somehow...
  • By providing me with a calling payload ip source, url or any other relevant information I can further diagnose this and figure out where the request to play the song came from

Thank you

What streaming service was the song on? It could make a difference. And it might not need to be installed on your phone, either. 

In general, the moderators here will be slower in looking at your diagnostic, rather than contacting Sonos Customer Support directly. They’ve got their hands full in moderating this forum, and aren’t always able to jump on diagnostics. 

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Isn’t the answer always Spotify? I look forward to the pro analysis of the log.

Yes, although there’s been, I think, a handful or less of alarms from things like Homekit or other similar apps. Not many, I’ll grant you, but a few. 

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Hi @lost2021 

Sorry to hear of your loss.

The event you refer to was triggered by Sonos Voice Control - I assume due to a false detection of the wake word and command. As SVC will typically just make a noise when it’s following your command, rather than responding with speech, this will not have been obvious at the time.

@Corry P thank you for the added context. This makes sense

  • Wife is on the phone all day and office is near the sonos system where it can pick up on her voice.
  • The music that played came from “Amazon Music” per the sonos app. We have our sonos system integrated with Amazon music

Now to figure out what the wake word is as I do not recall setting one up.

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@Corry P thank you for the added context. This makes sense

  • Wife is on the phone all day and office is near the sonos system where it can pick up on her voice.
  • The music that played came from “Amazon Music” per the sonos app. We have our sonos system integrated with Amazon music

Now to figure out what the wake word is as I do not recall setting one up.

The wake word for Sonos Voice Control (SVC) is “Hey Sonos”.

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I've had this on my Move (S1).

A random song from Spotify set ours off while everyone was in bed asleep (11.55pm iirc).

Song and Band I'd never heard of before which is even stranger!.

No one has linked to our Spotify apart from my wife and children.

No one else has our WiFi credentials.

Looked at Sonos App and it said "Launched From Spotify" or similar.

Likely a Spotify connect session, then. Perhaps “butt dialed” without actual intent.

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Hi I have just had my Sonos Ones called Bedroom2 start playing Spotify radio randomly, this has occurred a few times now so have submitted a diagnostic report #81774142. Hopefully this will show the rogue device that is starting the music.


Thanks in advance!

Most likely some one who had access to your system using Spotify Connect, and has subsequently left your home. Spotify Connect doesn’t continue to check that it is still on your LAN, so you should always ‘break connection’ of any Spotify Connect  device with your Sonos speakers by playing any other stream for a moment. That is enough to beak anyone else’s Spotify Connect session, which they would not be able to set back up until they are on your Wi-Fi again. 

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This is not in response to any specific post, just a heads up on what I just found at my friend’s house with this experience..

The solution in this case was to move the frogs, then disable the touch controls (via the Sonos App) in case they come back...

That is just awesome! I’d never given any thought to a frog being a potential reason….

I'm at step 1 with this.  Left the house and came home to music playing.  All devices with Sonos app said nothing playing. There were no ads. This is the strange thing: it was like a Playlist of my favorite stuff.  Some popular stuff, but som relatively obscure.  How does this happen?

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Well, the only other possibility that I can think of off hand is if someone has at some point connected their Spotify account to your Sonos speakers, and then failed to remove the connection. The next time they tried to play on their phone, it would start up on your system, unless you cleared it out, I think.

See this post from four years ago. If nobody else has access to your wifi, it must have been your trying to start Spotify while being out.