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  • 4 May 2020
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I have a Connect:AMP and the volume keeps lowering down automatically in the app. How can I fix this? I tried resetting the Connect and the app, but nothing is working!  Please help! 

the diagnostic number is 1481917740.

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1 reply

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Hello @German.Enamorado,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out with your diagnostic confirmation number. 

Based on the data report you submitted, it looks like your Connect: Amp is experiencing an amp-fault. 

Next, complete these steps to test for a hardware failure in your Connect: Amp:

  1. Unplug the Connect: Amp from power.
  2. Detach all speaker wiring from your Connect: Amp
  3. Power your Connect: Amp back on without the speaker wiring attached. 
  4. When you see the Sonos player connected in your Sonos app, select and play a music source (without connected speakers, yes).
  5. Turn the volume on the Sonos Connect: Amp all the way to maximum. 
  6. Do you see a flashing orange light return on this Sonos unit? If yes, submit a diagnostic report and include the confirmation number in your response. 

If the Connect: Amp is not resuming the fault-state with the flashing orange light and reduced volume while disconnected from your speakers, the fault must be in the wiring. 

In this case we will need to know the ohms and wattage of the speakers, the length and gauge of the speaker wiring and if it is wired in serial or parallel in accordance with our supported configurations.