Upgrade at your peril!

  • 29 November 2020
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Upgrading a device breaks your Sonos! Upgraded a Connect unit in a stable Sonos s1 setup on a path to s2 and purchased a move. The connect drives the Sonos network now all I get is drop outs and connection issues.

submitted a Sonos diagnosis and nothing wrong! Last Sonos systems change was a pair of ones 3 year’s ago! 

evey 10-30 minutes of play the whole thing freezes and drops! What do I do! 

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7 replies

Upgrading a device breaks your Sonos!

It does not. Please rein in the hyperbole, and explain just what you have, how it’s connected to the network, and what you’re trying to achieve. According to your profile you have a Play:5/gen1, which requires S1, regardless of whether the Connect is a gen 1 (S1 only) or gen 2 (S2 compatible).

Are you trying to split the system and run separate S1 and S2 systems? 


So, I have not yet split or changed my system in any way other than upgrading my connect gen1 rather than one of the play 5’s to buy a new move.

I’m happily running s1.

my plan was to slowly upgrade my legacy units whilst running s1 to a point that I can upgrade to s2 (mainly for hd audio) and still have music in all my rooms. 

since “upgrading/trading in” the connect my system has been really unstable, music stops, whilst app still says its playing or the app just won’t connect to the system. The connect is On a wired connection and provides the Sonos network to the rest of the system. Have submitted a support request and file but apparently nothing wrong. 

so the only thing that has changed is upgrading the connect to get a discount on a new item. Sonos you say this makes no difference to the item?????




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So you haven’t even upgraded you system to S2, you just signed up for the discount? And somehow your diminished user experience is related to that? That would mean Sonos has a devious streak. Or something else is wrong. New wifi at your neighbor’s? Failing Bridge?

I see. Nothing should have changed then, in terms of operation. Apart from adding the Move, which requires a WiFi connection.

Have you checked that the WiFi and SonosNet channels aren’t in conflict?  Use only 1, 6 or 11 for either. Use a 20MHz channel width on the router’s 2.4GHz.

Have you tried simply powering everything off and on again, in case there’s an IP address conflict?

Not added the move yet and have rebooted everything several times today! Work in IT industry and first thing I checked was the WiFi channel 6 on the Sonos and not on my router. I’m stumped.

I only have 2 genII items the cost of upgrade isn’t cheap! 

You’d best submit a diagnostic after the next glitch. Post the number here and someone ought to follow up.

It sounds like network gremlins, though there’s a faint chance that the Connect is misbehaving. You could always try substituting a Play:1 or Play:5 as the wired device as an experiment.

Thanks ratty good shout will give it a try 👍 anything to get back to a stable system.