Unable to play "Song Title" - the connection to Spotify was lost

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This has been happening to me as well for the past week.  Cannot connect to Spotify but can connect to other music services fine.  I have the Orbi Mesh as well. Also, the Spotify status is totally operational on the status page.

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@herbert_mas Thanks for chiming in. There’s currently a Spotify outage at this moment. Please keep an eye out feel free to check in on the progress at


Let me know if your problems persists once this outage has been resolved. 

Same here.

I’ve followed the default steps and still… “Unable to play "Song Title" - the connection to Spotify was lost.”

It began today and I haven’t noticed any updates from Spotify or Sonos today, 07/may/2020.


I would really appreciate an update to this thread.

Thank you.

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I have the same exact issue and use an Orbi wifi setup too.  Spotify works without issue independently, but I cannot play Spotify over Sonos.  This happens about 5 times out of 7.  Some days it works ok.  The frequency of the error seems to have dramatically increased since updating to the latest Sonos OS.  Prior to the update, this error would happen maybe 1 out of 50 times.


I can confirm that the Orbi settings above have all been checked as well.

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It’s frustrating and I understand that. Have you first encountered this issue after a system update? If not, would you mind explaining how long this issue occurs?


Try these step if you are still encountering streaming issues:


  • Disable Parental Controls for the Sonos device via Circle or Standard Parental Controls.
    • Orbi app main screen or web interface → Parental Controls 
  • Disable Access Controls for the Sonos device. 
    • Orbi web interface → Access Control
  • Confirm that the Sonos device is not paused within the Orbi app.
    • Orbi app main screen → Device List
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Hi Sebastien

Thanks for the reply.  I have since had a case logged (#01709691) which suggested changing my wfi to Ch11 - but this has not fixed the problem and I have emailed back but not heard anything.

I can confirm that Spotify works outside of Sonos (on my our Android devices, PC and can connect phone to TV speakers and Bluetooth speakers) but continues to not work on Sonos - we can play a max of 6 tracks and then the error message keeps returning ‘Unable to play "Song Title" - the connection to Spotify was lost’.  All other Sonos services seem to be working fine.  I will add that Sonos had been working perfectly with our current set up for quite some time - we have not changed anything (so assume an update somewhere has caused the issue?)

To answer your questions:-

  1. Internet > BT Homehub (with wifi disabled) > Netgear Orbi RBR20 (as router) > and then three Netgear Orbi RBS20 around the house (as Satellites)
  2. Android phones (x4) - all now have the same issue (had been working fine), PC (same issue)
  3. Only as described in 1
  4. No

Its not practical to try connecting Sonos using a wired connection at the moment (my wife is wfh and we cannot play with the network until this evening) - I will try that later today.

I look forward to hearing any suggestions that you may have - I’m sure you appreciate just how frustrating it is for us to not be able to listen to music on Spotify at the moment.



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I am sorry to hear that you are still having issues after attempting to reset the network and Sonos. Does Spotify play outside of Sonos without issues?


Please provide the following information to have a better understanding on how your Sonos setup works, there are many reasons that could explain the issue you are experiencing and this will help to pinpoint the cause:


1. The make and model of the Router you are using.


2. Please list the controllers you have attempted to connect to the Sonos system (iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC or Mac).

3. Do you have any additional networking devices? This could include wireless network extenders, network switches and power line adapters (not other Laptops, Gaming Consoles, NAS drives). If so please provide the make and model numbers (usually found on the device).


4. Are you using any VPNs on your mobile controllers or a PiHole?


As a test I would ask you to temporarily connect one of your Sonos products into the router (or mesh provided you are using Wi-Fi from the mesh system), and try again.