unable to connect to sonos

  • 23 September 2022
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I have 4 sonos play speakers and had the system for approx 8 years. Over the past few months the connection to the system has been very temperamental with the trouble shooting steps working maybe 1 in 3 times.  I am using the same router, in the same position and do not have issues with any other devices connected to the network.  The system is unusable for some time and getting to the end of my patience with the system.  

2 replies

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Can you describe your setup in more detail.

Are you using the S1 or S2 app?

Do you have any Sonos device wired to your router?

If you have a wired device, have you tried changing SonosNet channel and ensure that your router is broadcasting on a different channel? Select only channels 1, 6 and 11 to avoid overlap.

What router are you using? Maybe a firmware update has changed settings in your router that are causing an issue now, or wireless interference caused by a neighbour or new devices in your home.

Also useful if you could explain the troubleshooting steps that you’ve had some success with in the past. ie. Was it router reboot, speaker reboot etc.

You would really need to describe your network setup in a little more detail, before suggestions can be made. Here are some things that might help the community to understand your issues.

  • Make/model of router?
  • Other WiFi access points?
  • Wifi channels in use/Channel-width?
  • If System is running on S1 or S2 setup?
  • If using SonosNet and how many devices wired and where to (distance of wired device from nearest AP)?
  • If using SonosNet - if you have chosen to retain the WiFi credentials on your devices?
  • Details of primary controller device used?
  • Music services used (local and/or remote)
  • Average ISP download/upload speed? 
  • Anything else you think might be relevant/helpful, like ‘managed’ switch settings etc?

It would also be helpful to know what troubleshooting steps you have taken so far?

edit: Ah @Mr. T beat me to it.. but ‘yes’ more detail is needed here. 👍