Unable to connect - aghhhhhhh


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EVERY TIME I want to play music I have to got to the living room; switch the plug on and off on the Playbar ( also added unplugging & plugging in the Ethernet too which I feel has slightly better success rate when combined with the switch on and off!).

Tried everything I feel; firmware, I’ve taken the switch I had out my network; I’ve removed my second router from network; I’ve made sure 2g and 5g are same name; reset the virgin WiFi hub fully, made sure no guest network enabled… still every time… such an pain to listen to music; thought Sonos was supposed to be easy, clearly I’m not the only one with these issues, as seems a frequent topic but think I’ve tried the suggested solutions. I don’t have any issues with anything else connected in the house and have 250Mbs connection.


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Sure, will try a different cable if it doesn’t work, I have previously tried switching cables though. 




Didn’t hold unfortunately, have plugged my best CAT6 in so will see how that goes!


That’s a shame.  

The only troubleshooting step I can think of from here is to place one of your speakers 2-3 feet from your router and wire that instead of the Playbar.  Everything depends on this wired connection, so all possible sources of breakdown should be eliminated, and that includes the Playbar.  If you try this (purely for troubleshooting) you need to give the system a couple of minutes to reconfigure


Connection gone again this morning; i am also thinking the playbar might be the weak link. I have tried with bridge before, although I think the bridge isn’t compatible with the latest software; will try one of the other speakers.

Does it always go overnight or is it more frequent / random than that?


More random, sometimes days, sometime hours.  I’ve plugged a play 1 in anyway, will see how it goes & update



The system continues to work with the play1 connected to Ethernet, so must be a fault with the Playbar, which unfortunately will be out of warranty.

So that’s 2 of my 4 devices which have had failed connectivity (plus also the bridge which is no longer compatible with the software); not great really.

Thanks for the help tracking down the issue though John, much appreciated!


It hasn't been the best.of experiences for you that's for sure. I'm glad you now have a stable, working system again.


Thanks, yes think I will run an Ethernet connector via a plug socket adaptor, to where the play 5 is, should work & have all the speakers back in position!