Trouble updating Sonos Boost. 1002

  • 13 June 2024
  • 3 replies


I just bought a Sonos boost hoping that i would help for my laggy sonos app, and get a better connection to my sonos speakers.

After connecting a Sonos boost that i bought i get 1002 error when trying to update it. I have tried resetting it, connecting it to the router (without anything else connected), restarted alle the sonos speakers. Updating it without any sonos speakers connected etc. i don not have a sonos bridge.

Thanks for helping me. Diagnostic code is *********

Moderator edit: recorded and removed diagnostics number

3 replies

case closed

@walding .... It may have been resolved, but it's no damn good to the rest of us if you don't share the solution. 🙄😒

Sorry. I disconnected all my sonos speakers and waited 10 seconds before i turned them on again. After that the update went trough