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  • 21 March 2021
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At random times... my system starts by itself, often playing very loudly. This just started a couple months ago. Sometimes will start in middle of night, including the outdoor speakers. I have to figure out how to stop this! I tried disconnecting the system for a week while we were on vacation, but it did it again today when i plugged in the system again


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6 replies

Of all the cases solved over the years, there have been three potential sources. First, of course, is a Sonos alarm that was previously set up. Second has been an external automation system, such as HomeKit, or others. Third, particularly if the music playing is from Spotify, is the whole Spotify Connect system, which allows someone previously connected via your WiFi system to play a Spotify stream, and continue to be ‘connected’ once they leave your home through the magic of Spotify. This can be avoided by switching the stream to something other than Spotify at the end of the night, which would break all Spotify Connect sessions, after which you could return to Spotify on your own. This has been the most frequent issue. People try to play Spotify on their phone, and not hearing, turn up the volume. Since they’re still connected via Spotify Connect to your system, you’re left with their music blaring on your Sonos system, without them being around to recognize they’ve done so.

So far, it has never been an issue with the Sonos itself, but since they continue to modify the software, it’s possible. The next time it happens, submit a diagnostic, and call Sonos. There should be information in that diagnostic to indicate where the ‘play’ command came from. 

Thank you. I will try that

I took the speakers off of Spotify. This morning I awoke to Sirius satellite radio playing full blast on my outdoor speakers. 
diagnostic code:467988908

i don’t know what i am going to do if i can’t fix this…

i cant find any alarms on any of my apps


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Hi @Jcocco,


I’ve taken a quick look at your diagnostic, and it appears most of the control for your Pool speakers is being done by the touch buttons on the left speaker - including the ramp in volume to 100%. Is there any chance someone or something could be pressing the buttons accidentally? Consider disabling touch controls on those speakers to see if the issue reoccurs. Go to Settings → System → Pool → Touch Controls (toggle off)


Let us know how you get on.

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Occam’s razor. Awesome.

Will try that. Thanks!